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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Most of you will ask that how come this topic be related to technology, software, web or review of something ? Well, agreed that headline of this post will not make it look like a technology related post but it will if I will say that Zoho and I will say it together!

Well, Arvind of Zoho (writer, sheet, show......list goes on and on.) posted about how Adventnet has helped putting up India in the list of influential Web 2.0 services from different countries other than U.S.A.

It is certainly, a proud feeling for me, for the people working for Zoho/Adventnet and I will say that every Indian will feel proud of it because this list (rather a map) is from Business 2.0 Magazine.

Keep up the good work and keep making great apps Zoho & make every Indian Proud!

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