Linux Promotion in Mastercard style!

There are something’s which don’t need an explanation…For everything else there is ReviewSaurus :D

Linux MasterCard

Thanks Deepak!
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14 Responses to Linux Promotion in Mastercard style!

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  2. Brian says:

    Where can i get this shirt?

  3. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Brian : Thanks for the visit. Well, I’ve not seen this any where in market. If you are in U.S. or UK then you can make use of this service :

    Apart from that just search on Google about custom t shirts specific to your country and I’m sure you’ll find a service for your need.

  4. Brian says:

    I found it :) and i ordered it

  5. ReviewSaurus says:

    Oh Great! Can you share the website address.

  6. ReviewSaurus says:

    Thanks a lot for the link. I’m sure many of us would go ahead and order the t-shirt :)

  7. Hyrum says:

    Love the t-shirt. I found it on Google/images.

  8. RoboTron says:

    Those Mastercard jokes are so played out. Even the nerdiest of geeks wouldn’t find this funny anymore. It’s just sad.

  9. seejay says:

    Its not about Mastercard mate :) maybe you belong to that else{} part thats why you don’t find it funny ;)
    It is awesome :P trust me!

  10. jess says:

    That shirt is awesome it’s hilariously true, and the fact that its promoting Linux makes it great.

    Robotron, i guess youre just a fifth wheel…

  11. JP says:

    amazing shirt. i will buy one just for the fun of wearing and showing plp the TRUE 1337 POWER of OSS!!!!

  12. Gokou says:

    That is neat about the shirt; that is the reason I linked over to this site. Although I do not know able the site that is stated in the blog, but I do know of another place to get Linux gear; in fact that is the first time I saw that same quote on a shirt. This is the site where you can find that shirt and any other Linux gear:; and I recently was on the site so it is still up and running since I first found out about it.

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