Focusing back on ReviewSaurus – The blog is ready to rock n roll!

Finally, the attention comes back! Yes, I’ve decided that I’d be posting on ReviewSaurus as regularly as I used to do around 1 year back. Due to my lack of attention this blog didn’t grow to the level it could have grown, however as elders say that it never too late! With this promise, you’ll see regular content flowing on this blog and in order to ensure that you’d believe my words, I’d like to introduce you to my blogging buddy – Sameer Gupta. He’ll be posting content on this blog along with me and I’m sure you’d enjoy reading his articles more than mine!

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One Response to Focusing back on ReviewSaurus – The blog is ready to rock n roll!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for introduving your blogging buddy. Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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