Tumblrette is now called tumblr for iphone!

Popular Tumblr service, that allows one to create a microblog and offers host of features that lets you personalize the service to a whole new level has renamed its Tumblrette application (for iphone) to Tumblr for iPhone. The application used to cost $1.99 earlier and now its free.

I have to say that if at all, Twitter starts to provide the same kind of features as provided by Tumblr then it will become the hot favorite service and will add more and more fans as it has now. I myself will switch my personal domain name to Twitter service. So, if you are one of the Tumblr user and flaunt an iPhone then you will surely love this application!

Talking about the applications for iPhone – here are the top blogging/iphone applications available on the internet -

WordPress for iPhone – While we are talking about blogging and iPhone application; how can we miss WordPress for iPhone. This official application by team automattic is one of the best wordpress application for iPhone.

LifeCast – This wonderful application lets you blog on the go and works with both blogger and wordpress based blogs. Its not that if Google isn’t interested in providing iPhone app for blogger then you’ll be left behind. You can very well use this application to make your blog posts.

VirtueSoft BlogWriter – This application covers almost all of the blogging platforms available on the internet. Be it, Blogger, WordPress.com or self hosted wordpress blogs, msn live space etc. – you will be able to blog using your iPhone. Sounds like a cool deal!

TypePad for iPhone – One of the official iPhone application for Typepad users. Without a doubt one of the applications with lots and lots of features inbuilt that iPhone/Typepad users will be able to flaunt!

Twitterrific – Ad-supported application allows you to post tweets in the most simple manner. It is also available as native mac application, so you’ll love using it on your mac as well as iPhone.

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2 Responses to Tumblrette is now called tumblr for iphone!

  1. I love this iphone applications thanks for posting this.

  2. NIce post…Popular Tumblr service, that allows one to create a microblog and offers host of features that lets you personalize the service to a whole new level and has designed mainly for iphone…Iphone applications are really interesting and covers all the internet platform…

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