How to install JSON support for PHP in CentOS

Without putting much of thoughts and discussion. I would like to write down the commands that you can run on terminal window. It will enable JSON support for PHP in CentOS.

  1. yum update “*php*”
  2. yum install php-pear
  3. yum install gcc
  4. pecl install json
  5. cd /etc/php.d/
  6. echo “” >> json.ini
  7. service httpd restart

Thanks to arckid & phpfreaks.

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3 Responses to How to install JSON support for PHP in CentOS

  1. Saurabh Bhutyani says:

    thanks a lot.

  2. danny says:

    Perfect json tut

  3. Heidzir says:

    thanks for the post bro. less than 10min, it install JSON for my php.

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